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Upcoming Project (Started May 2019)

Working Title: Titans and Terrors

Type of Project: Novel

Following a unique cast of characters, this story will take place in an anachronistic world. Where the middle ages meets the wild west, and the world of men, and the world of fantasy creatures are one and the same.

Cast of Characters (Ongoing):

Victor, The Persecutor

St. David, The Patron Saint of Valor

Princess Angelica

Princess Savannah

King Alexander


Holt, Sage of the Forest


Go, Keeper of the Book

Sco'Hasheen, Hunter of Souls


and many others...

Current Page Written (as of 10/26/2019): 62

"The floorboards in the middle of the room exploded upwards; sending the vile and disgusting gore spraying out in every direction. Everyone was covered in blood, and it dripped from the ceiling, acting as rain. Despite this, no one cared, because what had emerged from beneath my floor was a nightmare - something that had clawed its way up to our world through my home."